CCCP - Combined Community Codec Pack

The most communist of all codec packs, but not very communist at all. This codec pack focuses on making sure you're able to play all the common media formats.


Supports playback of:

  • AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, TS, 3GP, OGM & Ogg and many other formats

Why CCCP? Because it achieves as much as possible with as little as possible. Other codec packs tend to either randomly not work, break the system, or install far too much cruft. With the CCCP, you know that when you install it properly, it just works. You don't need to mess around in the options to get it to work, and chances are it will resolve any other conflicts on install as well. CCCP was invented so you can "Uninstall everything else, install the pack and live happily ever after". That being said, for the adventurous there are pages of options available to tweak if you feel like it.

Download Links:

Latest Version: 2015-10-18 (Stable), 2015-10-04 RC2 (Release Candidate)

Update Date: October 18, 2015